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You can access 58 yearbooks by decade using the tool bar above. In "Extras," you can find historical information about the school as well as an amazing amount of memorabilia.

We have been requesting help from alumni on dealing with technical coding issues on AnkaraHighSchoolConnections.net as well as someone willing to take over Webmaster duties for over a year. Since no one is willing to take on these responsibilities, the Connections web site will be removed from the internet on September 1, 2021. Two sections will be migrated to this site to create a "Skinny" version.

Do we have a FUTURE?

Until someone with technical coding skills steps forward to update and secure our Registry Search app we can no longer offer it. Therefore, we can no longer continue to maintain a database with multiple points of contact for faculty and alumni.

For over 22 years, Ankara alumni web sites, have offered a way for anyone who has lived the "Ankara Experience" to connect with people who "get it" even if they existed outside of your class year. We helped you do it online and at multiple Ankara Reunions; micro, mini and major.

IIf we lose the ability to maintain a real time database of alumni and faculty from all decades, we lose our ability to stay connected on a level that commercial web sites can't provide. These are relationships that only Brats and Third World Culture kids can appreciate.

Jill Park Doyle '71




In Memoriam
Tess Tumpane '61
Evie Baisden '14


*Until a new Webmaster is found to maintain this web site, only a few sections will be migrated from AnkaraHighSchool Connections.net.

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