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H i s t o r y
 George C. Marshall:  The Legend and the School
Containing in its 80 pages not only an extensive biography of George C. Marshall, but also a detailed background of the school, this soft-cover book is replete with photographs of Marshall's life, the history of the many incarnations of the school, and from the yearbooks through the decades. A publication of George C. Marshall High School Humanities Department from 1990 and 1999, edited by Jennifer Wasem and Mira Berglund and sponsored by Patricia Ulku, longtime teacher at Ankara High School, this book is the ultimate treasure trove! e-Citadel extends our undying gratitude to Bil Ingram '74 for sharing this amazing prize with us, and to the many people who combined their efforts to create it.
excellent source of detailed information about Ataturk
Atatürk (1881-1938)
Ataturk.com is a website dedicated to providing full information on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who founded modern Turkey by demolishing the old caliphate of the Ottoman Empire and replacing it with a developing parliamentary democracy. Sweeping reforms included the requirement of moving to a Latin-based alphabet, a strong emphasis on education, and women's rights. Topics include his life, his role as national liberator and founder of the republic, social reforms, a biography, videos, and "foreign issues," which gives a Turkish perspective on Cyprus and the Armenian "allegations." A fascinating website!

Also available on the site and definitely not to be missed is an excellent and free downloadable pdf (Acrobat) format textbook titled "Who Are the Turks? a manual for teachers" by Justin and Carolyn McCarthy, published by The American Forum for Global Education. The book has been extensively revised since its original 1992 publication and is full of great photographs and maps, both color and grayscale. It is a large file (42Mb) since it also includes worksheets and study guides, but it is worth every minute of the download time and storage space. It provides an excellent and well-rounded overview of the history of Turkey from the Ottoman Empire through the World Wars as well as current considerations of issues such as population, environment and involvement in the regional participation with EU and American allies today. Cultural subjects such as its unique carpet weaving and pottery, poetry and literature are also covered in some depth, and recipes for some of our favorite dishes are included!
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George Catlett Marshall, Soldier and Statesman (1880-1959)
A brief biography of our namesake. "Only George Washington rivalled him in his ability to implement military strategy within a civilian democracy." General Marshall received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 for his "Marshall Plan" for the reconstruction of Europe with the assistance of the United States, announcing it in a speech hailed as one of the greatest in history. For further information, check the websites of the George C. Marshall Foundation, the George C. Marshall International Center, and our sister school in Fairfax, Virginia. For more extensive information and numerous links, also see the Wikipedia article.
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Turkish National Anthem
Click the sound icon at left to hear the anthem as it is sung. Click the score to view it full size. Lyrics by M. Akif Ersoy, music composed by Zeki Ungor:
Korkma, sönmez bu safaklarda yüzen al sancak;
Sönmeden yurdumun üstünde tüten en son ocak.
O benim milletimin yildizidir, parlayacak;
O benimdir, o benim milletimindir ancak.

Catma, kurban olayim, çehreni ey nazli hilal!
Kahraman irkima bir gül! Ne bu siddet, bu celal?
Sana olmaz dökülen kanlarimiz sonra helal...
Hakkidir, hakk'a tapan, milletimin istiklal!
Fear not, be not dismayed, for this crimson flag will never fade.
This last hearth burning for my nation surely will never fail.
It is my nation's star, shining forever,
It is my nation's star and it is mine.

Frown not, fair crescent, for I am ready to die for you.
Smile now upon my heroic nation. Will you leave this anger,
Lest the blood shed for thee be unblessed?
Freedom is my nation's right, freedom for us who worship God and seek what is right.
Connections - Turkish Travels Page link
Connections Turkish Travels  page
I have checked out the many pictures of the school provided by alumni Khan Klatt, Mike Morrison, Dave Dick, Judy Scholes, and Mike Gifford, and feel that those pages more than adequately fulfill our need for quick reference to recent pictures of the school, faculty, Ankara environs and other parts of Turkey. Please visit, and let them know e-Citadel sent you!
A History of Ankara High School
In this year of the 55th anniversary of the opening of Ankara High School, a history from the time of opening on October 16, 1950, taken from its first yearbook, the 1953 Ayyildiz.

Official George C. Marshall Website
Do you remember the AHS School Song?
School Song
From the 1953 Ayyildiz  yearbook, brand new again. You'll notice our colors were blue and gold then! Mary Cox '68 has advised that the song was sung to the tune of "On, Wisconsin" - thanks, Mary!
A History of Ankara
A History of Ankara from the 1953 Ayyildiz Ankara High School yearbook.
Development of the Maltepe School
The 1958 Vapor Trails describes the background of the move to the Maltepe "Purple Pit" school.
Maltepe to Ankara Air Station
This page from the '64 Citadel shows the Maltepe school and the initial stages of building the new school at Ankara Air Station.
George C. Marshall Regional High School circa 1965
The elementary-high school-dormitory complex at Ankara Air Station was ready for occupancy Fall 1964. This is an (updated) colorized version of the inside cover of the 1965 Citadel.
O t h e r   L o r e
NEW!!!   Adventure In Turkey
Dennis Funchess '59 has contributed the exciting Turkish travels of Tommy and Uncle Matt - don't miss this comic book published by the Turkish Information Office in New York circa mid-50's!
Read the 1953 Guide to Turkey
Guide to Turkey
Published by the Department of the Army in 1953, "Pamphlet 20-182 is published for the information and guidance of all concerned." The pamphlet contains sections on Turkish history, geography and culture and including the Armed Forces' role in Turkey and excellent appendices on money, weights and measures and Turkish words and phrases. It includes a pronunciation guide - a great refresher! Thanks very much to Anita Donohoe '66 for sharing with us!
Tattler title
Two Trojan Tattler newspapers contributed by Melanie Tyson (Carrier) '82!
>> February 1, 1981 <<     >> February 13, 1981 <<
picture of paper iki bucuk

Paper Iki Buçuk Note
More from Beth Miller (Collier) '61. Here's a photocopy of an Iki Buçuk note! By the time I arrived in 1963, I never saw any of these, only the coin version most of us are familiar with (see below), so I thought lots of us might be interested in seeing one.

I've obtained permission from John Stuck '68 to add his nice scan of the iki buçuk coin to this entry! Click the coin to view super-sized. Thank you very much, John, for completing our "collection!"
article - Turkey Sparks Adventure
Newspaper Article "Turkey Sparks Adventure," 1961
Hot off the 1961 presses, another bit o' booty from Beth Miller (Collier) '61. This time the article (not sure of the source but likely either from the TUSLOG Det 30 paper again or from Stars and Stripes), this article will be worth the squinty eyes you may get reading it. I cracked up reading "... Windows and doors are not uniform in size. Portable metal kitchen cabinets and small wardrobe closets increase storage space ... Americans can buy screening in the PX ... the man of the house should bring his toolkit and a good assortment of American nails, as Turkish nails hit once will bend... Clorox must also be added in a specified amount to all drinking water which is not obtained from a U.S. imported source ... Special caution is needed on the roads, especially in rural areas ... there are numerous slow-moving carts, and animals wander on the roads... To swear at a person or ridicule him could result in a court action..." It is well worth the effort to read the article, even if some of it is cut off and the end of the article is missing. Thanks for the memories, Beth - have fun, alumni!
April Base Theater Movie Schedule
April 1-14 Base Theater Movie Schedule
Beth Miller (Collier) '61 has done it again - she has sent me another treasure trove of items to share! To start off, here is a movie schedule from the Base Theater from April 1-14 (I'm not sure if this is for 1960 or for 1961). This schedule included a USO show titled "All In Fun"! In addition, big stars of the day make their appearances. I noticed the first offering each night was either a newsreel, a cartoon, a sports review, a short, or a serial chapter - was this the famed Buck Rogers? The Kiddie Matinee also makes an appearance!
Konusmaker Spring 1960
AHS Newspaper Konuşmaker - Vol. II, No. 7 (June 15, 1960)
Contributed by Beth Miller (Collier) '61, the first school newspaper on e-Citadel! Available for a mere 1 Lira or 10 cents, the newspaper was full of informative end-of-year facts for that year's graduates as well as all students on the edges of their seats waiting for summer vacation. Warnings and dire threats of terrible consequences for those who didn't clean out their lockers or failed to return library books or textbooks abound. The full story of the Junior-Senior Prom and its "Over the Rainbow" theme and arrangements for graduation night at the theater is here, as well as a description of difficulties encountered arranging the Senior Trip to Cyprus. You may also find some of the Senior Wills hilarious!

N.B. The pages turned out to be taller than my scanner, so my apologies for having to cut off the tops and bottoms in order to try to get the article text scanned fully. Also, the original was cut off on page 6, so some text is lost in the sands of time.
Dormie School Bus Song
Dormie's Bus Song
Contributed by James DeAngelo '69, and described as the song the dormies sang on their way to town riding the buses - enjoy!
Musical Program - Spring 1967, provided by Roger Redwanski '68
Spring 1967 Musical - On With the Show
Roger Redwanski '68 has contributed his copy of the program for the Spring 1967 musical extravaganza, "On With the Show" for our enjoyment. One of my favorite additions to Lore, but maybe I'm biased since I was in it and will never forget the fun we had. Mid-60s people will recognize lots of friends in the lists of cast, chorus, crew, dancers and gymnasts, and band. I'd love to add pictures anyone might have of the play, too!
1969 Residence Hall Show - The Rh Factor
Gail Clark Wical '69 has provided her copy of the program for the dorm show of 1969. This booklet is fun and includes lots of pictures and a listing of all the dorm residents with their country of origin.
Junior-Senior Prom Invitation 1967, provided by Jim Wilkinson '67
Spring 1966 Junior-Senior Prom Invitation
James Wilkinson '67 has contributed his invitation and the envelope it came in for the 1966 Junior-Senior Prom in May 1966.
Were you a rider?  This will bring back some fond memories!
Mike Neff '76 has generously shared his copy of the special yearbook he edited for the 1973 class of the Ankara Hunt and Saddle Club. Contains a history of the formation of the riding club and details the horse shows and competitions, rides through Ataturk Farm and local parks, and Sunday afternoon games. The horses are of course included in the yearbook as well as an In Memoriam to beloved steeds who had passed on. The Horse Show and the trip to the Turkish Cavalry Stables in May, as well as really good candid shots throughout, make this an invaluable addition to our archive.

For a more recent shot of the Ahmet Bey Riding Club, check this page from the 1987 Citadel.
Information Booklet for Dormies circa 1966
Christine Buckeye (Goss) '67 let me scan this booklet, provided to the dormies. It has a nice section of black and white photographs of Turkey I know you'll enjoy. It's crammed with information and instructions, forms to complete, prices for boarding, lots of good browsing! It's hilarious to see rules like "the bottom edge of all skirts (including culottes) will extend to the knee (kneecap)" and "trousers must fit reasonably (not too small or large, or too low-slung)."
Puzzle Ring Instruction Booklet
Christine Buckeye (Goss) '67 has graciously supplied lots of goodies for us, and the first is the small booklet from Istanbul describing how to assemble a puzzle ring. Enjoy the version of English used in this booklet - nice drawings, and the back cover is fun!

UPDATE ... 4/27/06. We had previously provided a link to a commercial website with an excellent modern collection of instructions for even unsual styles of puzzle rings. However, one of our visitors has let me know that, sadly, www.puzzlerings.com website has been removed. If I find another good one, I'll put up a new link.
Chris Buckeye's Jr-Sr Prom dance card
1966-67 Junior-Senior Prom Dance Card
Chris Buckeye also has graciously allowed us to reproduce her dance card from the 1967 Junior Senior Prom. She and her dance partners shall go down in AHS history!
M a p s
Map of Ankara's Mausoleum, Museums, and other historical and archeological locations
Map of Archeological and Historic Locations in Ankara
A map of archeological and historic locations in Ankara. Includes the Ankara Palas, Anitkabir (Ataturk's tomb and mausoleum), the location 1995-96 excavation near Ulus Square, museums, mosques, and more! Click your zoom-cursor to view full-size.

This map and the following one by permission from Gary Leiser, co-author of A Brief History of Ankara, by Toni M. Cross and Gary Leiser - Cartography by Beca LaFore, Illustrations by Peter Tarbell and Carel Bertram. Copyright ©2000, Indian Ford Press. Covers the following topics: Ankara Before History; The Old Assyrian Colony Period; The Land of Hatti; From Center to Periphery: Iron Age Ankara; Capital of Galatia: Kingdom and Roman Province; The Byzantine City: Christian Ankara; The Coming of the Turks: Transition to Islam; Ottoman Provincial Center; Turkey's New Capital; and The Development of Modern Ankara. Please see the American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) website for complete description and order information.
Historical Map of Anatolia showing ancient Roman boundaries
Historical Map of Anatolia
A map of the ancient Roman regional boundaries of Anatolia. Antique place and city names appear in parentheses with the modern names. Click your zoom-cursor to view full-size. See information in the item on the Ankara archeological and historical map above for ordering information.
Topographical Map of Turkey from 1983
This is a really nice map of Turkey showing the topographical features and locations of major cities and towns. I'm just guessing that part of the code at the bottom left of this map is the date the map was produced.
Drawing of Ankara Air Station 1966
Drawing of Ankara Air Station circa 1966
A good drawing of the Ankara Air Station showing buildings that were planned as well as buildings that were there at the time. The map was an insert to the booklet given to dormies back in 1966 shown near the top of this list.
Comparative map and picture of new elementary school circa 1966
Comparative Map
This is a map of Turkey overlaid on a map of the United States, showing relative size. At the bottom is a picture of the elementary school when it was new in 1963.
alternate map of Turkey
Alternate Map of Turkey
This is the map that was a link on the front page for a couple of weeks. Brighter colors and with more cities and towns, but not topographical.
Map of Ankara circa '66-'67
Map of Ankara, circa 1966-67
This map from the Ministry of Tourism, and provided by Christine Buckeye (Goss) '67, may appear to be illegible when you first open it, but it is not. As an excellent map of Ankara while we 50-somethings were in Turkey, I scanned it at 300 dpi so it is very large. Use your browser's magnifier or right-click and select "View image" to open a new page with the map full size, or you may maximize your browser window and the map will resize to fit it.
Map of Visitor Locations
This is an animation I made to show a visual representation of where we are in the world today, coming to visit e-Citadel!
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