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The first section of In Memoriam lists alumni who have died in the past twelve months or that we have become aware of recently.

The second section is a complete list of alumni and faculty that we are aware have died. They are listed by class year. Faculty is listed at the bottom.

If you are aware of someone that should be added to this list please let us know. Please include a link to an online obituary.

Fac Richard James McGowan
[Died: February 25, 2021
Obituary: Herald Democrat

1959 Brad Lindsey
[Died: February 19, 2021
Obituary: None Available

1967 Brandi Sullivan
[Died: February 1, 2021
Obituary: Cape Gazette

1967 Roger Wooley
[Died: March 8, 2020]
Obituary: Dignity Memorial

Sandra Shaver (Prather) [3/22/06]; Allen Wissinger [9/15/12]

Shirley Arey [2000]; James Michael “Tiny” Coyle; Norman Hays [4/10/63]; Richard Mellard [10/16/13]; John F."Buddy" Webb [8/16/04]; Marjorie Wissinger

Peggy Barrett [6/28/09]; Brenda Jones (Bingman) [2/8/08]

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