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Elementary students say
goodbye for summer vacation

Item from TUSLOG paper
(Beth is in the
background, too!)

Lake Golbasi,
"Ankara's 'Riviera'"

Article from TUSLOG News,
16 June 1961
Eski ve Yeni

look for me on the Faculty pagesThe old and new, the East and West, many cultures, all meet in Turkey. The contrasts of Turkey are highlighted in this Ankara Section of the 1961 Vapor Trails.

"At last! We never dreamed that composing a section of the Vapor Trails could entail so much work and concentrated effort. Somehow we have managed to complete our section admidst lost pictures, disappearing receipt books, mislabeled captions and general confusion. We could never have untangled ourselves without the cooperation of the staff and our sponsor, Mr. Browne.

"In years to come, may this annual help you to recall old friends and memories of Ankara High while you share new friendships wherever you may be."

- Yearbook Staff 1961


In 2005, Beth Miller '61 literally tore her book apart to supply the pages for us to scan. One page had a piece missing, but she was able to obtain a copy from Sue Evans, also of the Class of '61.

in 2013, Steve Hatt '63 and Sue Harris '62 loaned us their yearbooks to be re-scanned.

Top 10 Songs of 1961!
1. Stand By Me - Ben E. King
2. Crazy - Patsy Cline
3. The Wanderer - Dion
4. Runaround Sue - Dion
5. Crying - Roy Orbison
6. Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles
7. Runaway - Del Shannon
8. Quarter To Three - Gary U.S. Bonds
9. It Will Stand - Showmen
10. Running Scared - Roy Orbison
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