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As I was completing the scanning of the book, I was struck by the appearance of so many ads for companies producing missile launchers, helicopters, aircraft engines, tanks, etc., and had noticed the several pictures of then-Secretary of State General Colin Powell's visit. This school year had begun with the stunning news of the coordinated series of hijacking/suicide attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan, on the Pentagon in Virginia, and the citizen-foiled attack resulting in the crash in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Special credit is due to the students who struggled with these events while going about the everyday activities of school and social life.

It is inspiring that the yearbook was still full of smiles and laughter, friendship and family. This is indeed a credit to the character of the families and students from 49 different countries and to the distinguished faculty and staff at George C. Marshall. I am happy to note that the graduating class was a bit larger this year, with 16 (although only 14 got their information into the Senior Directory).

Once again, Ankara athletes made outstanding strides. The Trojan soccer team made it to the finals in Heidelberg. Ankara "Grapplers" wrestling team sent three finalists the DoDDS European Finals in Wuerzburg. The Trojan Ladies' Basketball Team also made it to the European finals!


Click here for a July 2002 article from the USAFE News Service on the "Final Frontier" of the Izmir Youth Center - "Turkey Space Camp" - attended by Izmir, Ankara and Incirlik youngsters before its closure in 2002. UPDATE: This article has been removed from the USAFE News site. - Ed.

The "big Ankara hugs" go out to the 2002 yearbook staff for working hard to produce this book for all of us, and to Anita Donohoe '66 for donating this, the last of a collection of eight yearbooks, to the e-Citadel  project!

Thank you all for giving us all back some fond memories of George C. Marshall life and times!

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