58 Ankara High School Yearbooks Online

e-Citadel.com is a great example of what can be accomplished when you work together. Alumni, across six decades and from all over the world, contributed to this effort.

We intended to provide all yearbooks, but after 2010, the cooperation and contact with students and faculty was no longer available to us

The 2010 Citadel was inspired by and a collaboration with e-Citadel.com. It is a 60-year retrospective of the school’s history and uses many old yearbook pages from this site as backgrounds. The 2010 covers are a collage of all the yearbooks from 1953 to 2009.

Terry Douglas said, the yearbook faculty advisor, told us, “I think it’s the best book I’ve shepherded through since I’ve been here.” We agreed with him and decided it was an excellent place to stop.

Be sure to check out Extras which include Lore and AHS Memorabilia, International Cultural Features and Hodja Tales.



and AHS Memorabilia

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