One day the Hodja had gone to the market place, as was his custom. There he was accosted by an acquaintance, who took out a gold coin and asked the Hodja to change it for him.

As was often the case, the Hodja just then didn't have a penny to his name, but he couldn't very well say so. He took the gold coin and, after examining it, said that the edges were worn off.

The man, being in very much of a hurry and in need of change, said:

"It doesn't matter, Hodja Effendi, change it for me, for whatever value you think it still has."

The Hodja was now in a fix. But it did not take him long to get himself out of it, by saying:

"I'm sorry, my friend, but this coin is so defaced that it has practically lost all of its value. In fact, you will have to give me some money besides, if I am to accept it at all!"

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