One day a man came up to the Hodja and said: "Effendi, there is a small farm for sale, just outside the village. The man who is selling it is a friend of yours and I am sure that if you were the purchaser he would sell it to you for considerably less. Here, take this money and go to see him immediately. I promise that if you succeed you shall be rewarded beyond your expectations."

The Hodja took the money and went to see his friend who, for reasons of his own, was glad to get rid of the property for nearly half the price he had asked for originally.

The would-be purchaser, hearing the news, was delighted and thanked the Hodja again and again. But not a word did he mention about the reward he had promised. He pocketed the rest of the money and began to walk away.

Nasreddin Hodja had expected nothing better from this glib customer and had been well prepared for him.

"Not so fast, my friend," he called after him. "The deeds to the property are in my name, if that should interest you! And until you remember your promise to me, they shall so remain!"

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