Once the Hodja met a few friends on his way home and, just for politeness' sake, he invited them to supper. He had expected them to refuse, but to his dismay they readily accepted his invitation.

Being at a loss what to do, he suffered their company until they reached his house. He let himself in and immediately bolted the door, leaving his guests outside. When they had recovered from their surprise, the would-be guests started knocking on the door and calling for the Hodja.

They were getting angrier every minute. So the Hodja's wife went to the door and told them that her husband was not in.

"What do you take us for?" shouted one of the men, "idiots or something? We all came together with the Hodja!"

Next the whole neighborhood would be coming out to witness the dispute. The Hodja felt he had to do something about it. Putting his head out of the window, he said:

"Good grief, gentlemen! What are you arguing about? This house has two doors. Maybe the Hodja has come in by one and gone out through the other!"

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