One day an acquaintance of the Hodja stopped him on the street and said:

"Hodja Effendi, why don't you call on us next Thursday evening. We will chat at length and partake of bread and salt together."

The Hodja, being a sociable man and also expecting a good dinner, accepted the invitation and arrived at the man's door at the appointed hour. They sat down and chatted at length until supper time, when the host brought a loaf of bread and some salt and invited the Hodja to the table. The supper consisted of bread and salt alone.

When they were halfway through the meal, a beggar appeared at the window and asked for alms. The host, annoyed by this interruption, turned to the window and, addressing the intruder, said:

"Go on with you now! Go away and beg somewhere else!"

The beggar, true to his profession, did not desist. But the host was getting angry.

"If you don't go directly, I'll come out and break your neck for you!" shouted the host.

The Hodja addressed the mendicant, saying: "I would do just as he says if I were you. My host is a man of his word, and terribly so. I'd hate to see you with a broken neck!"

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