One day the Hodja was addressing the people in the village square on the subject of the cruelties and atrocities inflicted on the local people by the soldiers of Tamerlane. To conclude, the Hodja said:

"Don't lose faith, my friends, surely the Almighty will one day punish them. Because God is the enemy of tyrants and will avenge the oppressed."

Just then, one of the audience said: "You are not telling the truth, Hodja Effendi. The real sinners are yourselves! Tamerlane and his men are simply God's avenging angels!"

Up until then the Hodja hadn't noticed this man. Now that he did, he saw that this was more than a mere peasant. In fact, he might well be Tamerlane himself, notwithstanding his being attired as a dervish. The Hodja was now scared to death; he could no longer endure the suspense.

"Tell me, dear father," he asked, "where do you come from?"

"From beyond everything," was the haughty reply.

"And your honorable name?" asked the Hodja.

"Timur is my name."

"And do have Lame as a nickname?"

"I do."

Yes, the man was none other than Tamerlane. The Hodja, turning to his audience, said: "Well, then, good people of Akshehir, there is nothing left for me to do but to invite you to my imminent funeral!"

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