The Magistrate of Akshehir was a notiriously avaricious man and accordingly disliked by the Hodja. One day he asked the Hodja to bring him a good greyhound in time for the approaching hunting season.

The Hodja, thinking thoughts of his own, promised to do so.

A few days later he arrived at the village court, leading a very well fed sheep dog as large as a medium sized donkey. On seeing it, the Magistrate was once again convinced that this Hodja was really nothing but an ignorant fool.

"Can't you see the difference between a greyhound and this beast?" he asked. "Even a child wouldn't confuse this creature with a greyhound, which is the leanest animal alive!"

"I can't see any reason for you to get upset," the Hodja replied. "Knowing you as well as I do, I can guarantee that after a few weeks with you, this poor dog is bound to bbecome leaner than the leanest hound!"

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