It was a sizzling hot day and the Hodja was invited to a feast.

After each of the guests had their fill of the delicious food, a large bowl of iced fruit in syrup was brought.

With all the spiced food and the heat, Hodja could hardly wait to quench his thirst with the cold fruit in syrup. But to his dismay he discovered that the spoon he had was absolutely inadequate for the job.

The host, who had got hold of a serving ladle, was having a wonderful time.

"Oh, this is heavenly!" he exclaimed between mouthfuls. "Oh! I am dead!"

The poor Hodja looked to his right and to his left, but couldn't see any likely looking spoon. In the end, he could contain himself no longer and addressed his host, saying:

"Won't you please lend me your ladle and let me die a little, too?"

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