One day the Hodja was invited to a wedding. Having arrived in his shabby everyday clothing, nobody seemed to take notice of him. Well, this wouldn't do. He bided his chance and slipped out unnoticed.

He returned wearing his best robe and his fine fur coat. From the entrance on he was overwhelmed with compliments, given the best seat at the table, and urged to partake of the choicest morsels. Smiling, he began to dip the sleeve of his fur coat into the dishes, saying:

"Help yourself, my fur coat!"

"What are you doing, Hodja Effendi?" cried the host and some guests in alarm.

"Why, I was just inviting my fur coat to partake of these delicacies, since it seems to command so much respect! A few minutes ago, without my fur coat I wasn't even noticed. Because of it, I am now being overwhelmed with attentions!"

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