The new Governor of Akshehir was a connoisseur of exotic dishes and never missed a chance to add new recipes to his collections.

One of the prominent citizens heard of this and asked the Hodja whether he knew of a new recipe fit for the Governor's collection. Nasreddin Hodja replied in the affirmative and wrote the following recipe:

Strained honey should be boiled thoroughly.
Garlic, the more the better,
should be sliced and added to the boiling honey.

When at supper the Governor tasted the new dish, he had the Hodja brought to him immediately.

"I understand the recipe for this dish was written by you. Ar you the inventor of it?" he asked the Hodja.

"Yes, your very humble servant did invent it."

"Very well then, you are welcome to have your fill of it!"

The Hodja took a spoonful of the concoction, but was unable to swallow it and made horrible grimaces as he turned it over in his mouth.

"Well, now that you have tasted, what do you think of it?" asked his host.

"Your Excellency!" said the Hodja. "This invention of mine was only a theory until now. Somehow I never had the occasion to taste it. Now that I have, I really don't think much of it. In fact, I find it disgusting."

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