Nasreddin Hodja would go shopping on Monday's which used to be the market day in Akshehir, and buy his vegetables and groceries for the week at wholesale prices.

On one such day he made his purchases and put everything in a porter's basket, then headed for home. Somewhere along the road, the porter disappeared with all the poor Hodja's purchases. He searched everywhere for him, but nobody had seen the man or heard of him.

It was the next week at the marketplace that a friend pointed the porter out to the Hodja and said:

"There is the culprit, Hodja Effendi! Don't let him get away this time.!"

But instead of collaring the man, the Hodja hid himself and wouldn't come out until the porter had gone away. He then explained his behavior to his astonished friend, saying:

"You see, I've thought of something: That fellow disappeared exactly a week ago, carrying my basket. What if he should demand porterage for all these days. That would cost me more than a basketful of provisions!"

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