Nasreddin Hodja's wife had gone on a visit to her parents. She had been there a week when one night she absentmindedly put more than half a dozen spoonfuls of sugar in her father's coffee.

His nightly cup of Turkish coffee was one of the few things in life the old man could still enjoy. Just one sip of this infernally sweet brew was enough to make him furious. His hand shot out and he slapped his daughter's face!

The lady, quite upset by being thus mistreated, cut her stay short and upon her return complained of it to her husband.

The Hodja was so outraged by his father-in-law's behavior that he gave his wife a jolly good hiding. Then he said:

"Now, go tell that father of yours, that next time he dares to hit my wife, I shall most certainly break his daughter's neck!"

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