The Hodja once took a basket of figs to the market, settled comfortably on the curb, and began waiting for customers. By and by a woman came along and asked the Hodja if she could have a kilo of figs and pay for them later.

Business being slack, the Hodja accepted the proposal with alacrity and weighed the required amount. He then picked one from his own lot and asked the woman to taste the fruit.

"Thank you kindly, Hodja Effendi," said the woman, "but I can't today. I am fasting. Some years ago I had been ill and couldn't fast during the month of Ramadan. I am now fasting to make up for the days I missed then."

On hearing this, the Hodja grabbed the bag of figs out of the woman's hand and said:

"Sorry, lady. I have changed my mind about selling on credit. If it takes you years before you start paying God His due, heaven alone knows how long it will take you to pay me!"

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