The Hodja had just paid a lengthy visit to Arabia. On his return, after giving him a warm welcome, his neighbors asked him whether he had learned any Arabic while he was there.

"Of course," replied the Hodja. "how do you expect anybody to stay in Arabia and not learn Arabic?!"

"What do they call a camel?" asked somebody.

"Why do you ask me the Arabic name of so absurdly large an animal?"

"Well, tell us the Arabic name of a flea, then," said another.

"Now, now!" reproved the Hodja. "You are going to extremes. Can't you ask me the Arabic name of a decent, normally proportioned creature?"

"All right, Hodja Effendi," said a third neighbor, "what do they call a lamb?"

"Now that's a reasonable questions," replied the Hodja. "I am sure the Arabs have a name for sheep but, as I left Arabia just about the lambing season, they hadn't had time yet to name the lambs."

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