Nasreddin Hodja, when living in Konya, went one day to a Turkish bath. It being early in the day, he was the only customer. After a time, he got bored and started to sing for the first time in his life. His voice sounded so beautiful to him that he surprised himself.

"Why," he thought, "I mustn't let such a sweet voice go to waste. The whole community should benefit from it."

No sooner was he out of the bath than he climbed up a minaret and, disregarding the fact that it was not the proper time, started to chant the call to prayer.

A pious man who was passing by consulted the sun and, deciding he was not mistaken, shouted up to the Hodja: "Hey, you up there! What do you think you are doing with that unpleasant voice of yours at this time of day? Stop annoying the people and come down at once!"

Out in the open air, the Hodja himself had not found his voice so beautiful. He leaned over the side of the minaret and replied:

"If anyone had had the sense to have a bath built up here, you would have realized how lovely my voice truly is!"

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