One day the Hodja, tempted by the fruit in a neighboring garden, used a ladder to climb onto its wall. Then, pulling the ladder up and over, he climbed down into the garden. Nearby stood the amazed gardener, whom the Hodja had failed to notice.

The gardener, hurrying over to the Hodja, said threateningly, "And what do you think you are doing here?!"

The Hodja was not to be intimidated. "Why," he said, "I am selling this ladder."

"But, look here, Hodja! Whom do you think you are kidding? Does this garden look like the proper place to sell a ladder?"

"Now, now, my good man! Don't let's forget our manners! I am not going to take any lessons of propriety from you! You needn't buy the ladder if you don't want it, but it belongs to me and I can sell it where I please!"

So saying, the Hodja went back over the wall and away with his ladder.

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